Jennifer (Scotland)

Its amazing how many people keep returning to the program in Ba Vi, this is Jennifers 3rd visit and just after her daughter Emma left a little over a month ago after her 2nd visit. The magic of the kids is the only real answer plus when people come here they become a part of something very special, the Red Lotus family, so proud of what we do.

Shannon and Owen (Australia)

Shannon and Owen having a swing with the kids from rooms one and two, it is always rewarding when new volunteers come, even more so when they are referred to us by other volunteers, such is the case with most that we recruit, so please join the family.

Richard (Australia)

Richard is joining us for 3 weeks and will be working with the kids and our Helping Hands Vietnam team in room 6, a challenging but very rewarding place to work.

Lucy (Australia)

Lucy takes a little time during her orientation of the Disability Centre to spend with the kids from room 5. Volunteers are shown all rooms that we work in the center and are then told our primary need areas, they then can make a choice where they will spend their time. Lucy I am sure has found her kids already :)

Maria (Spain)

Maria joins our long tradition and relationship with Spain and its volunteers, another wonderful young lady with a passion to help and share the love

World Challenge

It has been one group after another this summer and just as our Global Village group from Australia left us this week saw the arrival of a wonderful group of young people from World Challenge association, their help is greatly appreciated.

Patty (GB)

Patty rejoins us again for a third time and immediately catches up with her little friend Roi

Carmen (Spain)

This is the 5th time that Carmen has volunteered with us and each year we look forward to her return, the kids in Ba Vi never forget and as you can see they are happy to have their Auntie Carmen back again :)

Emma (Scotland)

Five years ago Emma was one of our very first volunteers to come to our Ba Vi program. it was really special to welcome her back this week and let her see the changes we have effected through our Helping Hands Vietnam program and also the changes in the kids and their wellbeing, such as her little friend Luon, seen in the accompanying picture.

Avalon (Australia)

Avalon is the leader here for the Global Youth Ambassador Program. She has been here a few times now, but this time she is staying!!! We are so excited she will be here with us for 2 months! And the children in room 6 are even more excited!