Brett (Canada)

Brett is back and brings with him quite a few footballs and basketballs. Although the majority of our kids cannot fully participate in physical activities those that can love the sporting type activities that Brett arranges during his times with us.

Global Village - University of New South Wales

Students Alex and Amy meeting up with their new friends for the next two weeks.

Global Village

We are really happy to again welcome another group from the Global Village program run by the University of New South Wales, Australia. We have groups come to us 3xtimes a year with each one as great as the other, pic shows Sindoora and Katie becoming acquainted with a few of our kids.

Tekla (New Zealand)

Tekla returns to us for her 5th time, as well as being a great volunteer Tekla also puts together our quarterly newsletter, another wonderful human being <3

Nicky (Australia)

Nicky is back with us yet again and is quick to catch up with some of her friends from previous assignments

Sunil (England)

Happiness should be shared, it costs nothing to share, yet is worth so much !!!!! Find your happiness and peace of mind with us

"...the most wasted of all days is one without laughter..."

We are very lucky to have professionals from different fields come to help us out, and many volunteers without that expertise, no matter what walk of life we all come from, this is what it is all about

The doctor is in :)

Luon and Ha My two of the kids from room 5 at the Ba Vi Disability Centre have a little fun during a medical check up

Jenna (USA) - Shez (NZ)

Back where they belong <3

Jilly (UK)

Sunny day, sunny smiles :) life is not always a ray of sunshine but if just once each day we bring a smile to one of our kids faces, then we can ask no more, knowing you are loved is more valued than what you own