Ba Vi Teaching Program

Ba Vi is a beautiful rural area approximately 60 kl’s from Hanoi City and is home to our most popular Vietnam program, the Ba Vi disability center. We have worked at this center for close to five years and are firmly established within the local community resulting in the local village primary school asking for our help to teach English to their students. For those that may find the environment of a disability center a little too much this is the ideal teaching program for you

Although nestled in beautiful surrounds Ba Vi is also a very poor area and does not have the resources that the city has to offer so we are very happy to help out at the school.

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Volunteers will follow the regular curriculum of the school and will assist the English teachers already there. During the summer months there is a 3 month holiday in June, July and August during this time the teachers of the school will arrange classes for all children from around the village and this will result in varying age groups, not only the primary school students.

If you have the time you will also be invited to teach English at a local Pagoda on Sunday mornings for local University and College students. All volunteers have lunch at the Pagoda each Wednesday.

If you would like to teach, help out a very local community and immerse yourself in the local culture then this is the program for you.

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Volunteers will be housed in one of two local guest houses in Thuy An village, a short walk to the school or disability center.

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Cost:     Placement Fee: US$560

 The Placement Fee is payable two months in advance of your arrival through EFT or Western Union

 If you need to cancel your trip due to an emergency Red Lotus will refund US$400 of the fee, but will retainUS$160 to cover administration costs

Accommodation:  Volunteers will find accommodation in one of two local guesthouses in Thuy An village, a short walk to the school or disability center, cost is around $10 per night. Both guesthouses are clean, have air conditioning and wifi available. 

Meals:  The Red Lotus coordinator will show the volunteer all of the types of eateries in the area and explain the meals that would best suit the volunteers requirements. The coordinator will show the location of each place and also cater for volunteers with special dietary needs. Three basic meals would only cost around $6 per day

 Activities:  Volunteers will follow the school curriculum and during the summer school holidays special classes will be arranged by the teachers of the school.

Minimum Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Support:  Airport Pick up

      Orientation Program

     Placement in a quality project, allowing you to maximize your time and efforts for a good cause

     Guidance and support of the local Red Lotus Coordinator (24/7 in case of emergency)

     Site visits, ongoing support during the term of the assignment