Red Lotus Foundation 

Red Lotus has now ceased operations, for a fuller account as to why please go to our Facebook page. Thank you for your support and love over the years. Much love to all, Terry 

Red Lotus is now accepting applications from January 2023 unless there is further developments with the Corona virus. We look forward to accepting applications again from our international family and their friends.

It is never easy to choose a volunteer program, so many, so many promises. We don’t boast about stats, don’t claim to be the cheapest, the best, we just do what we do because we love it and because we can give people an opportunity to share. We live here, we volunteer here, and we love the work we do. We now only accept very few applications, just enough to help us with the work that we do. Ba Vi is a very emotional program and requires a lot of understanding it is not for everyone. Each volunteer is required to provide a working with children check. 

We work at what we believe is the most needy, yet popular program in Northern Vietnam, the Ba Vi disability center. We started our "Helping Hands Vietnam" program to provide more assistance to our programs and to the disadvantaged peoples of Northern Vietnam. When volunteers come to Red Lotus they become part of an ever growing international and local family, and share in the joy that brings. 


- We are not here to make our fortune, this is a business, but one that will always meet the needs of our programs before personal gain.
- We make a modest living allowance and have administration and operating costs, beyond that we cater to the material needs of our partners when we have the financial resources available to do so.


- At Ba Vi volunteers are accommodated in one of two Guest Houses in Thuy An village, a short walk to the disability center.
- In Ha Nam volunteers stay in a very comfortable hotel.
- Both locations are very clean, have air conditioning and wifi available.


- We are a small family of people who care for each other, our beneficiaries, and our volunteers.
- When you come to Red Lotus you become part of this family, and you are accorded the respect and courtesy that each family member deserves.
- We operate our programs with a philosophy that encompasses, compassion, love, understanding and truth.


Helping Hands Viet Nam Project - Red Lotus 

We sacrificed a lot in terms of a business to focus completely on this program that need us, and need you. We have built a family of dedicated workers through our HHV program and have one of the highest volunteer return ratios of any service in the world. Family is our key word and drives our work, we work in an environment that is emotionally difficult but highly rewarding, and we offer that opportunity to you. We make a difference, step by step, day by day, change does not occur overnight, it is a process that needs much understanding. Vietnam has its very own culture and traditions that are required to be embraced, we are guests in this country and act accordingly. We seek people that have a caring and compassionate nature, and are willing to give of their time and are willing to receive life’s lessons.

  •  Ba Vi disability program
  • ​​ Huong La Disability/Orphanage program
  •  Language & Cultural immersion
  • A local community we call our own
  • Helping Hands Vietnam project
  • We are the only organisation with permission to operate at these two programs 



“Connecting Cultures – Changing Lives”

Our motto has real meaning to us and is the foundation by which we work.
Everybody associated with Red Lotus is a volunteer.

In the Buddhist Culture the Red lotus signifies the heart, love, compassion.



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Johanne (Sweden)

It has been a great experience. Thank you for having amazing people at the center and the kids are great, I appreciated getting to know them all, hopefully I will be back.

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Thank you all for just being you, special people with open minds and loving hearts

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Terry Hoai Thuong Chuyen Tham Hien