Hospital Visit

This morning, Helping Hands arranged to take 3 children and 1 adult to the local hospital. They went for x-rays and general health checkups. Dung, Lan, Mai & Lan are healthy and healing! Thank you to everyone who supports us and makes trips like these possible!

New Support Chairs

With the help of our much loved volunteer Nicola, Helping Hands was able to purchase three new rehabilitation support chairs. These chairs are slightly different from our other rehab chairs as they are able to recline. They are very suitable for a few of our children who could not sit in the other ones! As you can see, we have some very happy boys trying out the new chairs!!

Our Team

Over the years we have slowly built up our team at the center, we now employ 15 people to help the kids, 2 foreigners, 6 locals, and also 7 residents of the center, all devoted and caring people

Creative Therapy

Our creative therapy room provides a haven where our kids can express themselves through art, music and play

Education Program

Class is in with our wonderful Helping Hands teacher Hien

Phuong and Diep

Phuong who is our Art/Music Therapy coordinator works with Diep from room 7 on a recently made sensory blanket to help provide comfort and emotional wellbeing

Classroom Painting

Our little classroom gets a new, bright and educational look

💞Hue & Binh💞

Binh is a child from room 6 who requires a lot of extra love and attention. Hue is a teenager who is also in room 6. We now pay Hue a small salary to look after Binh. She has become like a second mother to him and they have formed a very special relationship. Binh now has consistency in his life and has become a lot more confident! Great job Hue!

First Blender in Ba Vi

Helping Hands has purchased a blender for the children in room 3. Many children are unable to eat solid food, so we have the blender to puree additional proteins and vegetables to add to their diet. Now more children will have the opportunity to eat more nutritious foods! This is something we hope to continue in all of the rooms! ❤️❤️❤️

Teacher Hien

Our lovely HHV teacher Hien working with Phúc this afternoon! Hien has classes all throughout the day with children of all different ages. They are making amazing progress with her and now many can even read and write! Great work!